About GILD

System for intelligent electrical GILD

Intelligent modern house management GILD meets the highest standards of comfort, control, safety and design of family houses, commercial buildings and apartment houses. The GILD system allows for control of all electric components of the building with direct link to regulation and security. It is a unique combination of modern electro installation, control system, security and commercial electronics = smart house.

Convenience and comfort

GILD - Single

All the features of your house, you can monitor and control several different ways. Instead of confusing and disparate functions, we offer a simple and convenient graphical control that will replace all existing drivers of domestic technologies, such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, heat pump and more. From the comfort of armchairs in the living room, at work from a mobile phone or via the Internet on the go have everything under control. If you are not home, the system in case of failure you send e-mail or SMS. Your house will be for you and think, lawn irrigation, blinds start heating up the sauna before your arrival from work.
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Savings and Safety

GILD - Multi

One of the main benefits of an intelligent house are energy saving and efficient use. No unnecessary lighting when you are at home or on the contrary the use of solar energy automatic pulling blinds. Control of heating and air conditioning with digital temperature sensors and advanced algorithms for the equivalent control. Security object can be part of the Guild and there is no way to purchase a separate panel. The integrated access system, controlled by the reader entry into the house or driveway. Only by placing the chip ID or retrieving fingerprint security is turned off, open doors and lighting must be set according to the particular person who přichází.
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GILD - Unlimited

Imagine that you start with a single touch film necháze pull blinds and surround sound surrounds you the desired volume. After sunset automatically turns outdoor lighting. Starts with shutters and the house is locked at 11 tonight. re or artist. All your audio and video equipment will operate one truly universal remote. Hurry with the children to school. When you get to the office, you are not sure, "I closed the garage door?". Check it from your phone, as well as cameras around the house and lost peace is back. The film archive is always at hand on any TV in the house. Offers a wealth of music in an easy selection by genre or artist. All your audio and video equipment will operate one truly universal remote.
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GILD system features

  • The complex system
  • Independent of actual control items design
  • Usable in both newly built and reconstructed buildings
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • All housing functions under central management
  • High rate of return due to energy savings
  • Original Czech product

Pressentation of GILD system

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