About GILD system

In order to simplify the basic installation versions, GILD is bundled into 3 basic configurations. These are suggested configurations, varying in amount and way of connection between individual components and thus in resulting possibilities of the system. All the variants contain the same components and various levels of software. The higher variant is always an expansion of lower one.


GILD system is manufactured by a company ESTELAR, s.r.o. This is a purely Czech company, active in the market since 1996. The main program of the company is above all the manufacture of electronic system and marketing thereof. In research and manufacture, the main focus is on usage of the most up-to-date technology and advancement of the solution.

Currently, ESTELAR s.r.o is one of the top suppliers of electronic identification systems in Czech republic. The pivotal product of the area is ID system ACS-line for complex human resources management in both small and medium sized companies, offices and schools. More information at www.acsline.cz

Since 2006, the assortment and production line get expanded into the area of large scale access systems. Mainly for hotels, where from the first requests for linking the system with power installations and heating regulations originated. Based on these requests, an original system for intelligent electroinstallations was developed, with link to the original ACS-line system. The new product is currently supplied by ESTELAR under the GILD system brand.



GILD system features

  • The complex system
  • Independent of actual control items design
  • Usable in both newly built and reconstructed buildings
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • All housing functions under central management
  • High rate of return due to energy savings
  • Original Czech product

Pressentation of GILD system

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