GILD Multi

MultiGILD Multi level takes over all the features of the level Single. The difference is the possibility to link the switchboard controlling units and thus to combine several controlling and action elements. Another added function is the possibility to measure temperature and heating or A/C management. GILD Multi level allows for connection of probes and sensors for security and fire signaling, creation of lighting schemes or simulation of presence within the object. The configuration of all the functions is done via software from the connected computer. Advanced software can also be used for monitoring or remote control of the whole house.


Main features:


  • Control via buttons or switches and IR controllers
  • Controlled socket and lighting devices
  • Windowblind control
  • Possibility to connect motion sensors for outdoor locations
  • Setting up of central functions and lighting schemes
  • Heating regulation
  • Programming and control via computer
  • Control via SMS or internet




GILD system features

  • The complex system
  • Independent of actual control items design
  • Usable in both newly built and reconstructed buildings
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • All housing functions under central management
  • High rate of return due to energy savings
  • Original Czech product

Pressentation of GILD system

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