GILD Multimedia

Imagine that you start with a single touch film, let draw blinds and surround sound surrounds you the desired volume. After sunset automatically turns outdoor lighting. Starts with shutters and the house is locked at 11 tonight. Hurry with the children to school. When you get to the office, you're not sure, "I closed the garage door?". To check everything you need from your phone, as well as cameras around the house and lost peace is back. Also remotely adjust heating or air conditioning. Today it is easy to behave responsibly towards our planet and still have a nice convenience. It is easy to control your house and save energy.

Možnosti zapojení systému

For most customers, the system is connected to the integration GILD Control4 system, which is a modern control system combining the control as AV equipment and media, and home technology such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting and garage doors. A single graphical interface gives you quick and convenient access to all functions of the Guild.

Dostupná řešení pro řízení domu


It offers complete control of the house in the Czech language and support for large number of devices of different manufacturers.

Dálkové ovladače

Full control hidden in the palm of your hand. Illuminated keys and remote display for easy use with a long battery life illustrate exceptional design.

Dotykové panely

Elegant glass panels in black and white enhance the impression of a single driver for all technology and equipment in the house. Available in portable or on the table.

Mobilní zařízení

With family My House application for iPhone, iPad and PC / Tablet, you can take control of your home from your favorite equipment. You can be on vacation look at the camera or change the heating.

Distribuce hudby

From the Speakerpointy vícezónových amplifiers (music player). It is up to you which path you choose. Whether all stored in a rack in the utility room or distributed around the house.

Filmové přehrávače

Comfortable playing your favorite movies on all the TVs in the house from a network repository. If you like disks, there's a tray for you for example to 400 Blu-ray/DVD.

Jediný ovladač pro všechny funkce

We know that the world is too diverse than one solution to meet
all. But do not make you leave piles of boxes
around the house and a lot of drivers on the walls. We allow you to
hide all the technology in the utility room and
wall to give the house to control one elegant glass
Touch Panel or television. Or you can control
everything from your iPhone, iPad or computer.

Zbavte se složitého ovládání

Instead of confusing text displays, we offer
simple and convenient graphical control that replaces
all existing technologies as drivers of house
as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, heat pump and more.
If you are not home, the system will be sent in case of failure
e-mail or SMS.

Příjemná hudba do koupelny

Built-in speakers, whether visible or completely invisible,
offers great listening to your favorite music
or radio. At the push of a button or a convenient choice to be
touch panel.


Úspora energií

One of the main benefits of an intelligent house are energy saving and efficient use. No unnecessary lighting when you're at home or on the contrary the use of solar energy automatic pulling blinds. Control of heating and air conditioning with digital temperature sensors and advanced algorithms for the equivalent control.

Bezpečnost na prvním místě

Security object can be part of the Guild and there is no way to purchase a separate panel. A unique feature of GILD is an integrated access system that allows the reader control doors, gates, gates, etc. The only attaching the chip ID or retrieving fingerprint security is turned off, open the front door and maybe set the lights according to a specific person that comes.

Open to other functions that can be freely configured according to the requirements of the investor. The system can be integrated solar systems, heat pumps, heated pools, saunas, such as weather stations or watering lawns.

GILD Multimedia - dokument ke stáhnutí


GILD system features

  • The complex system
  • Independent of actual control items design
  • Usable in both newly built and reconstructed buildings
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • All housing functions under central management
  • High rate of return due to energy savings
  • Original Czech product

Pressentation of GILD system

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