GT800 - Touchscreen terminal

Comfort touchscreen multifunction terminal for configuration, control and monitoring of the GILD unlimited system. It is equipped with 5,4” TFT display. It comes in many various color casings and connects to LAN via Ethernet interface.




Power supply voltage: 12V/150mA
Work temperature: 0°C  to + 50°C
Installation: on the wall¨
Casing: order specif.

Comfort user interface
Graphic object visualization
Classic control components alternative
Backlit display allows using at night

EDK2 - Card scanner

EDK2 Card readers serve for contact-free reading of either cards and keytags or fingerprints (EDK2-F). It is used as external scanner for door control according to users’ ´authorization – a key substitute. Construction thereof allows mounting in any type of installation and distribution systems to keep uniform styling. The scanners connect to GL-AL20 unit, which subsequently controls the doorlocks via relay.




Power supply voltage: 12V DC from superior unit
Power outtake: 65 mA
Media type: EM4100, 125 kHz or fingerprint
Biometric scanner: optical
Work temperature: -20°C to + 50°C
Casing: any
Installation: onto KU-68

Various casing types
Two-color signaling LED
Audible entry signal

EHS - Energy saver

EHS-family energy savers serve to signal and control power circuits depending on ID card’s presence in the EHS reader slot. Typical implementation of EHS savers is located in hotel rooms or in facilities with intelligent electroinstallations in order to monitor presence of a person in the room or in the building, respectively. It connects to GL-AL20 unit and is also usable separately (with contact only).





Power supply voltage: 12V DC from superior unit <
Power outtake: 25/70mA with/without inserted card
Card type: EM4100, 125 kHz ¨
Work temperature: -20°C to + 50°C
Casing: ABB SOLO, SOLO CARAT, ALPHA EXCUSIVE, FUTURE, TANGO, TIME, ELEMENT or plastic casing 75 x 117 x 24 
Installation: onto KU-68

Various casing types
Works as a card reader – reacts to authorized cards only
Possibility for separate use – potential-less switch contact (EHS2)

GS-P11M – Outdoor temperature scanner

P11M thermometers are intended for outdoor temperature measuring to accommodate the regulation of heating or cooling elements of GILD system. Measured values are evaluated by a processor, which transfers processed information to superior master system. The communication is realized over RS485 interface line with MODBUS RTU. The unit is connected to ModBus auxiliary bus. The actual temperature probe is located in metal bridging. Electronic is placed on circuit inside the plastic box. The unit is supplied with two pass-through parts for cable intended for direct outdoor installation and requires no maintenance.



Power supply voltage: 12 ÷ 30V DC ¨
Outtake: max. 20mA
Measuring range: -30°C ÷ + 50°C
Measuring accuracy: 0,5°C
Relative humidity: < 80 %
Casing: IP65
Installation: on the wall mount

GS-P20M – Luminance intensity scanner

The scanner is intended for luminance intensity scanning in both outdoor and indoor environment. Typical implementation example is the usage for night lighting control or for window blinds control according to outdoor luminance level. Measured values are evaluated by a processor, which transfers the data to master system the communication is carried out via RS485 line using MODBUS RTU protocol. Unit is connected to ModBus auxiliary interface. The actual probe is located in casing with holes. Operating conditions are met by common chemically nonaggressive environment allowing keeping the scanner clean.



Power supply voltage: 12 ÷ 30V DC
Power outtake: max. 20mA
Spectral sensitivity: 350 ÷ 820nm
Header environment temperature:  -30°C ÷ + 50°C
Casing: IP30
Installation: on the wall

GX-EV100 - Universal dimmer 1000W

EV100 Dimmer allows for intensity control of lighting using the 0-10 v signaling. Lighting intensity range can be set on the device. It is possible to switch to manual mode and control the unit vie buttons. In case of overload or excessive heating of the device, the performance is automatically reduced. In case of short circuit of connected lighting or of extreme overload, device’s output is shutoff. The unit gets connected to either GM-DA04 or GM-AD01 modules.



Power supply voltage: 230 VAC
Power outtake: max. 13mA
Output power: 1000W
Input 0 ÷ 10V: 1,5mA
Work temperature:
Casing: IP20
Installation: on DIN bar, 2M

Output adjustment using 0 – 10 V interface
Easy DIN bar installation
Overload and excessive heating of the device protection


GSM – Module for communication and control via GSM (SMS)

GSM gateway with Siemens TC35 module, equipped with many programmable functions, increasing the service personnel comfort. It is put together using jigsaw puzzle principle, with several performance-increasing modules (16/12kHz+CLIP, backup, branch connection module, FAX module etc.) with Siemens TC35 module, the unit is usable in both 900 MHz and 1800 MHz networks. The unit is within GILD system used for SMS based remote control and facility monitoring. It is connected to either GR-DH1 or GL-C700 units, using RS232 port.



Power supply voltage: 230 VAC (Adapter)
Power input: max. 15 VA
Safety class: ČSN EN 60950 class 2 
Communication: RS232C
Work temperature: + 5°C ÷ + 40°C
Relative humidity: 10% ÷ 80% at 30°C
Casing: IP20
Installation: on the wall

Temperature fuse on the adapter
Any working position
Easy installation on the wall

Thermoheader MT4-024-NO

Small direct thermoelectric smart-T drive is intended for two point time schedule and PWM heating and cooling regulators equipped with fans, radiators, floor heating and convectors. Mounting on standard heating / cooling valves, thermostatic valves of radiators, valve insert for pipes and compact heating bodies with M30 x 1,5 connection. Direct control for this valve is handled by module GM-H50. It is also possible to control it using any switching output and additional 24V DC power supply.




Power supply voltage: 24V AC, DC
Maximum current: 0,7A (standby 100 mA)
Energy consumption: < 3W
Elevation: 4 mm
Work temperature: 0°C ÷ + 50°C
Casing: IP44
Cable length: 1 m

Thermoheader MT010-N proportional 0 ÷ 10V

Small direct thermoelectric drive MT010 is, together with space thermostats, intended for regulation of both heating and cooling systems. This microprocessor-managed header guarantees exact elevation management. Thermostatic header MT010 is suitable for 2-way valves V5822 and V5832 with 2,5 mm elevation and thermostatic valves Honeywell with 2,5 mm – 3 mm elevation. In order to control the valve, GM-DA04 unit is recommended. Additional 24V AC power supply must be used with this unit.



Power supply voltage: 24V AC
Maximum current: 250 mA (standby < 100mA)
Consumption: 2W
Elevation: 3,5 mm
Work temperature: 0°C ÷ + 60°C
Casing: IP54
Cable length: 1 m

Remote control IRDO

Infrared remote control intended to control electronic GILD system devices via GA-IR04 receiver module. Very easy programming of buttons to required functions. Battery (2xAAA, included) operated. It works always together with GA-IR04 receiver.

Auxiliary power supply GX-PW24

Switching power supply with output voltage 24V/2,5A DC. Electronic short circuit, overload and surge protection. Fine-tuning possibility thanks to ± 10%. In 4,5 module finishing is a module to be fitted to DIN bar. The power supply is intended for supplying power to thermoheaders MT4-024 or other modules requiring external power supply.

Power supplies POW 12-1,7 and POW 12-6

Backed up power supply intended for supplying low current devices, which must have uninterrupted power supply. In case of 230V grid blackout, the unit connects the device in question to a backup battery, which is also intelligently managed. The backup power supply is so designed that it can supply with voltage 13,8V. We offer two versions of the unit: 1,7A and 6A. The power supply is intended for supplying GL-AL20, GL-ER80 and GS series modules, which require external power supply.

Power supply POW24AC

Power supply with fixed output voltage 24V/6A AC. Module is to be fitted onto the wall or into switchboard casing. Power supply is intended to supply MT010 thermoheaders or their modules requiring external power supply.

Backup batteries

Maintenance-free backup batteries for providing key functions even in situation of interrupted power supply. It is used mainly in GILD unlimited level in order to backup the GL-C700 unit, ensuring the functioning of security components and doorlocks.

Rf-ID ID card or ID-keytag

ID cards and ID keytags are in GILD system used for secure and simple system management (Switching on/off of the system) and/or to build an authorized access system. The most common form thereof are cards (in the size of regular plastic credit card) with the printing option or all kinds of tags with holes to be hung on key rings.

EZS Accessories

It is possible to connect room PIR detectors of various kinds to the GILD system as well as other EZS and EPS functions components. With the help of these, the system functionality is expanded in facility security field. This solution integrates the EZS system under one managing roof and interconnects it with other GILD system functions.


There are following components available:

Motion detectors (wall, ceiling)
Smoke detectors
Door and window contacts
                            Alarm sirens

Switchboard casings

The switchboards serve for mounting the GM and GX modules of the GILD system. Steel doors with lock installation options and microswitches to signal door open status guarantee accessibility and usage for authorized users only. They contain ready mounts for installation of pass-throughs and ventilation holes to maintain the ideal temperature of modules installed inside.


Casing for DNI 440 x 616 x 120mm

Casing for DNI 600 x 760 x 120mm

GILD system features

  • The complex system
  • Independent of actual control items design
  • Usable in both newly built and reconstructed buildings
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • All housing functions under central management
  • High rate of return due to energy savings
  • Original Czech product

Pressentation of GILD system

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