SW-PROFI - User configuration and management software

Software for communication and advanced management of GILD system. It finds its use mainly in GILD unlimited level in order to manage common lighting system, heating, security or facility access. GSW Profi software allows for comfortable and parameterization of the whole system. The assembly of technology is carried via transparent animated symbols, where each end-point of the system (output relay, button, measuring point) can be described for better transparency and further use. For each such element, it is possible to specifically set up and adjust at any time its behavior as well as links between individual devices in the system

The program contains several levels, each protected by password. Service or assembly technician is thus able to access all the configuration and installation tools after entering the password. Whereas the end user has only the visualization software at his or her disposal, which allows him or her to communicate with the technology, monitor it on-line, control it or create various overviews of the system.

Example of graphical technology interface:

Print reports

  • System carries out archivation of actual working hours of each resource monthly in last 5 years.


  • System carries out archivation of required and actual temperature values for each section every 15 minutes for the last 24 hours.


HW requirements:

The whole system is developed in C++ environment and is executable in following operating systems: Windows98, Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 6a or higher), Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition and Windows Server 2003. Recommended graphic card resolution is 1024x768 or higher.


GSW-TOUCH expansion

GSW-TOUCH expands the original GSW-PROFI system with capabilities regarding realistic visualization on touchscreen terminal or PC. The arrangement of the display is customizable according to actual installation. The floorplan of the object can be imported and place the controls therein so that they correspond to real devices throughout the facility. Switching on and off is then carried out by a single touch or click on certain light icon. Further, it is possible to monitor and adjust temperatures in certain rooms, for example or change modes of the whole system centrally.

GSW-TOUCH home screen display example:


GSW-WEB expansion

GSW-WEB is an expansion for GSW-PROFI software to facilitate the remote access to monitoring and management of the system via internet browser. Selected functions are available using a webpage. It is thus possible to control lighting, change temperature for heating and to do so from anywhere in the world without the need to install additional SW. All that is necessary is a computer with internet access. The only requirement is the correct internet configuration and security settings on the to-be-monitored facility’s side.


GILD system features

  • The complex system
  • Independent of actual control items design
  • Usable in both newly built and reconstructed buildings
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • All housing functions under central management
  • High rate of return due to energy savings
  • Original Czech product

Pressentation of GILD system

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